Known Arcana


You are adept at transmuting substances and instilling, or distilling, matter with magical properties. You can create arcane substances, special items, and even golems or homunculi to do your bidding. The main drawback of alchemy is that it requires time, effort, and materials which must be handled in a suitable laboratory.

Second Sight: You have powders, potions, and other implements that allow you to detect and analyze magical properties.

Dangers: Your creations cause unintended harm or damage; your experiments turn on you; your mixtures have additional strange effects; your alchemical materials are expended and must be replenished before you can resume your work.

Animal Friend

You have the gift of low speech, the language of the beasts. Creatures large and small usually like you, and you can persuade them into performing tasks for you. Animals are poor conversationalists, though they can lead you to locations they know of. Most animals expect to be fed in return, or to receive other assistance, though some are just grateful for the company.

Second Sight: Attuned to the animal kingdom, you can sense the presence of the supernatural.

Dangers: You attract the attention of other animals; you get caught between animal rivalries; you put an animal in danger or cause it harm; your behavior becomes more animalistic.


You know the intricacies of destruction. You cause ruin, decay, and breakdown. Entropy is easier to use against inanimate materials, and small effects are quicker to take effect. A master of this Arcana can see the weak points in structures, and knows how to exploit them.

Second Sight: Entropy teaches you to see into the shadowlands, where ghosts dwell among the ruins that are the fate of all the works of man.

Dangers: You cause unintended harm; you attract ghosts; you are marked by the shadowlands; you let loose shadows into the world; you become obsessed with destruction

Far Sense

You can throw your senses out into the world, seeing and hearing the events in a location far away from you. It is more difficult to sense a place you are not familiar with, and Dangers should be scaled accordingly.

Second Sight: When you stretch your senses, the supernatural world is revealed to you.

Dangers: You experience prophetic visions; you attract the attention of extra-dimensional beings; you are overwhelmed by sensory information; you form a persistent connection with a place or person.


You create and influence fire. You can get closer to fire than most people, but you are not immune, and the fire you create functions like any other. Small fires are easier to control than large fires.

Second Sight: When you stretch your mind to feel a fire, you can also sense the presence of magic and spirits.

Dangers: Your fires spread out of control; you harm yourself or those you care about; you bring serpents from the abode of flames into the world; you suddenly act more fiery, passionate, and self-destructive; you attract the attention of spirits


You create temporary illusions, within your line of sight or immediate presence. Illusions have no physical substance, but you can make one things appear to be another. They last as long as you concentrate on them, and fade away soon after.

Second Sight: The arts of illusion also train you to see what is hidden, and to tell the real from the false.

Dangers: Illusions cling to you, or turn against you; one of your senses becomes impaired; your illusions remain to haunt the world, even changing into other images; you attract the attention of ghosts.


Academic training has blessed you with forbidden knowledge. You may use this Arcana to introduce useful and interesting information into the game, through your character’s mastery of arcane trivia.

Second Sight: The loremster must rely on his book learning to spot the tell-tale signs and symptoms of magical activity.

Dangers: You have forgotten vital information; recent developments have changed the situation; your knowledge includes mystical phrases you unwittingly release; your secrets attract the attention of spirits.


You can change your shape, taking the forms of animals. Each form is a unique expression of your inner self. You cannot mimic another person’s appearance. A single layer of clothing, like a simple dress or shirt and pants, will transform along with you. A small item or two, like a necklace or a lucky coin, will transform with you if you feel it is important, but not belts, boots, or weapons. You can shrink to a third of your normal mass, or grow to double it, and no more.

Second Sight: You can shift your sensory perception so that you also perceive things normally hidden, like spells, wards, ghosts, and spirits.

Dangers: You shift uncontrollably, thrashing madly; you lose your possessions while changing; you are momentarily stuck in an animal form; your shifting senses are overwhelmed; you attract the attentions of animal spirits.


You know the arts of calling demons, ghosts, and spirits. You can draw circles to summon and bind supernatural beings, and circles to keep yourself safe from them. There are no spells to control these beings, they must be bargained with, or channeled into action via protective barriers.

Second Sight: The rituals of summoning include the runes and circles that will reveal spirits and demons to your eyes.

Dangers: You summon additional, unwanted beings; your protective circles fail; your protection circles are too strong, and the summoned spirit cannot leave.

Wards and Runes

You can inscribe magical symbols, creating protective barriers, arcane alarms, and hold spells to be released at some future point. This is the primary method of defending against master thieves. Your runes can only release spells you know. Standard wards against spirits are much weaker than summoning circles.

Second Sight: The Wardenscribe knows words to reveal hidden runes and magics.

Dangers: Your wards have additional, unwanted effects; you suffer a magical backlash when your wards are triggered; the runes harm or damager whatever they are inscribed upon

Weather Witch

The sky is a canvas for you to paint upon. You can manipulate the weather, call down rain and storms, push the clouds away, summon fog and mist, and raise or quell the winds. The more drastic the change, the more time it takes.

Second Sight: To know the currents of the air is to know the spirits amongst them.

Dangers: You cause an unwanted storm; you create a drought; the weather stays the same for weeks or months; you cause unintended harm or damage; the weather begins to affect your mood.

Known Arcana

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