The Gate of the West

Guardian of the West Gate through which all men must pass


If I tell you, I will have to kill you.


“The Gate” is a sacred position and only select individuals that were hand-picked by the Caliph himself for their exceptional abilities will be raised in their craft and send out on their holy mission. Many compare them to the shadows of gods that materialised in our world.

There are four gates that serve the Caliph at all time – “West”, “East”, “North”, South".

The arrival of “The Gate of the West” in Mellanford Key has been rumoured for a long time now. The West being the place in which the sun dies, this position is linked to the Caliphate’s God of Death – Sacraal. The Gate of the West is his prophet – judge of live or death, bringer of darkness, ear for the last words of the dying.

In a more this-worldly application, he is running the Caliphate’s espionage and assassination efforts. For now, he will be the main contact for Azrael al-Ahmad once communication is established.

The Gate of the West

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