Oswaldo Fall

The Betting Man


“Handsome man” is something that Oswaldo hears every day. The ladies love him, the men owe him. He is adorned in fine robes – spoils of many a victorious gambit. Even though always in the public, no one has ever seen his eyes which are always shaded by a hood. Yes, he is the inventor of the poker player eye cover up method of gambling.


Oswaldo appeared in the high social circles of town a few years ago quickly gaining notoriety for his exotic and sometimes tasteless bets. He is one of the links between the rich aristocracy and the rich underworld – the most exciting bookie in the city.

He is rumoured to be an exceptional card and roulette player and many a game that is played on the streets for minor pennies is said to have originated in his bright mind.

His days of public gambling, however, are over. He has established a selected club of gentlemen and ladies that he invites to his estate once a month to… well, take their money. So much luck of course stirs envy and rumours, most of which centre around him using magic to give him an edge and his ability to read minds. Of course, all speculation, or is it?

His newest gambit: when will Lord Stumble-Bum be found dead in an alley after the King of Eyes has made an example of him. Place your bets now!

Oswaldo Fall

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