Lord Eddan Blackheath

Noble for Hire


Lord Blackheath is yet another superfluous nobleman as loaded with privilege as he is riddled with debt. But what he lacks in productive estates he is at least trying to make up for in cunning. Blackheath is well known as aristocracy for hire – a merchant, banker or any other jumped-up tradesman who needs to make a few contacts and place a few bribes amongst the ruling classes can always count on old Blackie to get them an invitation to the right parties, provided they slip him a few coins. As a nobleman, however bankrupt, he can still speed legal disputes through the lower courts, evict commoners off useful lands, lodge complaints against troublesome businesses, and can pull off a few other mean tricks, besides.

Personally he is a cowardly, arrogant toady with a taste for finer things that he can no longer hope to afford. He is highly unlikely to launch any grand schemes of his own – he’s much too lazy for that – but he’ll stoop to carrying out a few jobs on someone elses’ behalf, provided the money is good.


Lord Eddan Blackheath

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