City of Scoundrels

Reasons to be Fearful, Part 4

To take us up to the moment...

The trial and acquittal of Lord Stumble-bum has been and gone with surprisingly little comment. The investigation was over and done with in a day, after which the Prince’s council has been quick to reassure the populace that rumours of witchcraft and sorcery were heavily overblown. A mere cultural misunderstanding to be dispelled by the light of understanding and sincere inquiry.

Indeed if anyone were to blame at all, it was certainly the ex-Lord Blackheath, a man heavily involved in the party arrangements but who didn’t show up on the eve. Did he plot the whole dark affair in order to sew wickedness and misunderstanding between the good people of Mellanford Key and the Caliphate? We can only assume so! Regardless, the good folk will be reassured to learn that Blackheath’s lordship has been stripped, and awarded to one Oswaldo Fall, whose testimony was considered critical in the acquittal of Lord Stumble-bum. Blackheath allegedly didn’t even show up to defend himself, a sure sign of guilt.

Whilst most of the city has accepted the party as all blown over, the noble Tygan family has found itself at odds. Tygan the Younger, another critical witness at the inquiry, has come out firmly in support of the Caliphate ambassador and culture, whilst Lord Tygan is rumoured to have nothing but bad to say about the affair, and the Caliphate in general. Strife between family members is always hard, and the city hopes that Tygans elder and younger will reconcile soon.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to almost all, a carefully-written letter is passed from perfumed hand, to courier, to spy, to watcher, to master and, eventually, into the sight of the Caliph himself.


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